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"Yea...a-alot of stuff was kept down there...a lot of memories...but now, the characters kept down there....There's an Elevator off camera in the Storage Area...no one has been down there since..the accident"~Lisa, Night 4, Five Nights at Treasure Island: Hidden Memories.


The Undergrounds is a location based doff the Pirate Caverns which is known to be about 100ft below ground. Which kept old suits, attraction parts, many broken machinary and etc.

Lisa mentions an 'accident' which a broken machinary a technician was trying to fix, activated mid-fixing, dragging him inside, and tearing him apart.


The Underground's walls are made out of earth (rock), and the floor is a dirty and broken tile pattern floor of white and blue. 

Around the place would be plumbing (pipes), broken machinary, and boxes full of suit parts.


In the Underground, are many storage rooms. Suit Storage 1, holds torn up suits and old un-needed suits. Machine Storage 1, holds many machinary parts, which one of them is the machine the technician died in.

Suit Storage 2 (or more known as, the Suit Warehouse ) includes boxes of suit parts, and ones hanging from the ceiling. In the room are many dusty/dirty characters.


  • The name Five Nights at Treasure Island: Hidden Memories is a fan name for a fan game which is not going to be made.
  • Everyone stopped going into the undergrounds due to the voices of the technician echoing throughout the place.
  • Treasure Island Undergrounds is a fan-made location by User:Photo Negative Mickey
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