Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


True Henry is a fanmade humanoid.


He is alot like henry. but Dark blue instead of light blue.


True Henry will become active on Night 6. he will say in the screen. I'm Ready, or Here I come... He will go to The Broadcasting room, then the meat freezer, The Lounge, and the office. Like henry, Shutting of a camera doesn't work, so you will have to hide. not hiding in 30 second will make him kill you. that will cause a game over.


I'm ready to play this game.

Here I come!

I'm not like the other suits (hehe).

You will not be gone.

You will not escape.

I will get you.


True Henry was supposed to be based off of True Mickey.

He was gonna go by the name Blue Henry, but it was a darker shade of blue.

It was going to have a face and eyes, this was scrapped.