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True Minnie is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.



True Minnie seems to have her same appearance as Photo-Negative Minnie. However, her eyes are replaced with glossy, human-like eyes and her textures are darker. For a split second, as Jake is waking up from his dream, she becomes a brighter and distorted version of MinnMinn's original form. She is only active in the True Route.


True Minnie will start in the Broadcasting Room, the player must press M to make her stay, while she is in your office a 20% of damage will be reduced, Pressing X or using your flashlight makes it leave. she starts in the Staff Area, and then moves to Meat Freezer, and in 3 AM power will shut off and True Minnie will help in the fight face to face with the Player until 6 AM. Sometimes she can move in The office. Occasionally, Undertale-like scenes will occur during this part of Night 6, known as Nightmares. After that, the "true final battle" begins. True Minnie will sometimes power up the player using a large, black, and pink Mickey heads. True Minnie can also heal the player using lasers, and she also gives the player a defence boost using dark green Minnie heads.


True Minnie starts in the Broadcasting Room and can move to the Staff Area, and the Meat Freezer. After 3AM, she will move to The Office.


  • True Minnie is not a suit at all. She is a demon in the game, but she's still good
  • At the final frame of her jumpscare, her colors invert. This makes her look more like normal Minnie.
  • True Minnie reveals who purity is.
  • In the true ending 2.0 (SPOILER WARNING), true minnie kills the player after telling the player. "Not every demon can redeem themselves, purity, your mother showed me that".

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