Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


True Suicide Mouse is Suicide Mouse, but with black spots on its face and boots.

There are human eyeballs in them, and it is also colored black in the color.

It also has LOTS of fuzzing. that's what he is about.


True Suicide Mouse has a rare chance to become active on Night 1, but he becomes active on Night 6, rarely replacing Pure Mickey.

He will start in the broadcasting room, to storage room, Character prep 1, Meat Freezer, then the Office.

Press T to fend him off.


Storage Room

Character Prep 1

Meat Freezer



True Suicide Mouse and Pure Mickey are more likely to be Brothers.

He was going to be named True Suicide Mickey, but was later scrapped.

He is the fastest out of all suits, he is also the most powerful.

He can turn every room greyscale.