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TugBoat Willy is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


TugBoat Willy's appearance is exactly like Willy's, except for the TugBoat texture being added to him, making him more similar to Mickey Mouse, he has a mouse tail.

He has a depicted cream face, red shorts, within yellow buckles on them (slightly similar to Mickey Mouse's iconic ones). He also has white gloves, and yellow shoes. His pair of oval eyes are depicted black.


TugBoat Willy will begin in the Broadcasting Room, off-screen. Then, if he becomes active, he will appear at the right side, standing with his arms out. This is the signal that will alert the player to prepare for him. Unlike Willy, Tugboat Willy will take a direct path toward the Office, instead of heading back and forth between CAMs.

Tugboat Willy can replace Willy if the player is holding [SHIFT], and Willy will not be active for the rest of the night. But this only happens as long as if Tugboat Willy is active, which is an advantage to the player.

Either shut off a camera, turn off the power, or hide under the desk to avoid him. Not doing so in time results in a jumpscare.


TugBoat Willy will start in the Broadcasting Room. He will then move to Character Prep 1, the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer. He will then enter your Office.


  • In earlier revisions of the game, TugBoat Willy starts in Character Prep 1. Then he goes to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then the Office.
  • TugBoat Willy's Jumpscare is the same as Willy's but he has the tugboat texture because it says Tugboat in Tugboat Willy's Name.
    • TugBoat Willy is created By DatGoffGamer A.K.A TheFaceGamer7.
  • As the name implies, TugBoat Willy Is Like Willy But With The TugBoat Texture.
    • TugBoat Willy is Made in Blender.
      • TugBoat Willy starts in Night 4. He will replace Willy if the player holds the [SHIFT] button.
  • TugBoat Willy appears to be similar to Colored Willy, as a recolor of Willy.
  • TugBoat Willy is said to be linked to Colored Willy.

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