Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Twisted Mickey is one of the fan made antagonists in the game Abandoned Discovery Island.


Twisted Mickey looks similar to his original cartoon counterpart, but he is all dusty and has some other features on him. He has sharp teeth, quite bloody human eyes, and has yellow liquid pouring on top of his head behind his left ear. He has it also on his left arm, right arm, and his neck.


Twisted Mickey starts in the Janitor's Closet in Night 5. He then moves to the Bathrooms, not usually seen somehow. And then he teleports to the Staff Area idly staring at the player, and then he moves to the Meat Freezer, Lounge, and finally the office, He seems like a dangerous antagonist too, as you have to hide under the desk for 20 seconds to survive.

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • He really is a dangerous antagonist in the game.
  • He's on Hola1231's deviantart.
  • The reason why it says Twisted Mickey (V2) is because the V1 was made by someone else, which it can be found here.