Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia



In the glitched and broken nigh-hello. How are you, human? Are you enjoying yourself? Well, are you? Not really, huh? Well, it is about to get so much worse for you! I bet you will not survive tonight encounters, i have brought you here for a reason, and that is to kill you..! ...as soon as i get out of this retched prison. Anyways, enjoy yourself. Ta-ta for now. Until we meet again, very soon! Hahahahahahaha!!!


you shall see what your nightmare looks like very soon. But then again, if you do see me then it is already too late for your survival!


Why would i tell you this?!


please see above.


there we go. Someone hacked into the information database. Well, forget this trivia section, you need to know that that... thing... is not something to anger! Get out of there as soon as you can! He WILL kill you! Quickly, listen! His weakness is- Nope. Not a chance that i would let that be revealed, i- oh great! The microphone broke! Oh great, now it is ringing loudly! I am very sensitive to loud noises! I-oh my god! The microphone was still projecting! Oh no! No no no no! Just great! Well, i will still kill you! Goodbye!