Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Ultra Instinct Mickey is a suit in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks just like the regular looking mickey, but his eyes are glowing and has no pupils. He also has a rainbow shine effect across his body, this is most likely due to his strong instinct power.


He rarely appear's in the office at any night. When he appears, the player has nothing to do to stop him, he is invincible to everything. If the player is using the monitor while he appears, he will admittedly close the monitor automatically, and will prevent the player from opening it.

After a thew minutes of being in the office, he will jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over.



  • It is unknown on why the player is missing behind the desk in Ultra Instinct Mickey's jumpscare.
  • He has a similar jumpscare to Corruptus.
    • He also seems to be strong as Corruptus when he throws the desk.