Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Uncha Mickey Is A Fan Made Antagonist On Abandoned Discovery Island.


Uncha Mickey Resembles True Mickey But He Has No Eyes, Red Pants, Black Leg, Orange Shoes, Didn't Have Left Hand, And Broken Ears.


He Become Active On Night 8, He Start On Staff Area, He Then Move To, Meat Freezer, Lounge And Office, You Must Find The Right Eye Or Else He Will Kill You And Also Selecting An Wrong Eye He Will Kill You Too, The Right Eye Is Always Has Glow On It, The Eye Appeared On Monitor, TV, Right Door And Left Door.


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Note:Meat Freezer Is Blacked Out.

Note:The Lounge Is Glitched

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His Jumpscare


  • He Can Make Camera Corrupted Or Even Blacked Out.
  • He Is A Corrupted Suit
  • If You Click U N C H A On Title Screen, You Will Jumpscared By Him And Your Game Will Crash.
  • He Also Didn't Have Description On Extra.
  • When He Is On Lounge, The Picture Is Actually Pn Mickey On Lounge But Edited.
  • When He Jumpscare You, The Picture Is Actually Pn Mickey Shade Or George The Eyesore First Frame Jumpscare.