Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Undead Noah or Noah for short is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island he is mentioned in the Night 3 phone call:

"Hey Jake its me Greg I forgot to mention something 2 nights back there is this functional animatronic named Noah who is a humanoid robot! he can see as he has eyes but he often wonders around so if he gets into the office shut off the power OK? So good night."


Noah appears to be a standard humanoid like animatronic wearing a fedora and a t-shirt as well as shorts and shoes he has white 'skin' and blue eyes he is intact but he is slightly damaged around his left arm.


Noah was a scrapped character by Walt Disney however 30 years after Walt died his design was discovered and use for a planned attraction at Treasure Island themed around him ironically he and a rabbit character named Buck were the only 2 animatronics there as the other characters were suits however the attraction was unsuccessful and it was abandoned the damage on his left arm came from the Corrupti incident.


Noah becomes active on Night 2 He starts in the Play Zone slumped he has 2 stages there he will then move to the Bathroom The Meat Freezer the Storage Room then the Staff Area then Character Prep 1 then the Lounge then the Broadcasting Room he will then appear in the office the player can shut off a camera in order to lure him away they can also hide under the desk or turn off of the power his jumpscare includes him roaring at the player while lunging at them he will also say these quotes:

"Walt why did you do this."

"I wasn't mean't to be like this."

"I can hear you."

"Get ready for a surprise!"

"I will get my revenge..."


Noah is almost as dangerous as True Mickey on Night 4 but on Night 2 he is pretty slow.

He is one of the creator's favorites.

The quote "I will get my revenge..." Is pretty eerie some people suggest he is actually possessed when in fact which is indeed true as a teenage girl died by The Face in Pirate Caverns and possessed Noah.

Noah was originally gonna head to the Roof Camera but it was scrapped due to the fact Noah would had to crawl through the vent.

The Name Undead Noah is fan made but it can be considered canon.