"The world needed a hero... That hero... Was... Mickey?" - Narrator


Underpants Mickey is a Mickey costume based off the famous series "UnderPants" wich are drawn in black and white with the exception of the "True Pacifist Ending". They are drawn in a comic-ish way and distort their faces dramatically to add fun to the jokes as well. The series of "UNDERPANTS" where made by Sr Pelo. Underpants Mickey is 2D unlike other costumes and drawn by Mateo.


They look like a Normal Micky mouse, however, they are 2D, tricking the player point of view, it can make itself look 3D from certain points of view (Promo) but they are 2D naturally, other than that, they are plain Black & White and live in a world where everything is BLACK with white borders, explaining why he looks like that.


UP (Underpants for short) Mickey starts in their room "BLACK", it's not on any cam, the player shouldn't worry about them, untill you hear him laugh or cry (his only quotes*). Apparently, he dosen't talks, but he does at times. He will move to the Staff Area, tricking the player's point of view, using his flatness, he stands near the blackest spots and on the very edges of the cameras, making it hard to find him, he will proceed to the Meat Freezer, where literally, he is un-see able, then the lounge, where he can be fully seen looking directly to the camera with his solid smile and soulless eyes, he will eventually reach The Office, the player must watch carefully, as he hides as well as Dark Oswald, on the left, like a sticker on a wall, well hidden, the player must hide to make him go away. As shutting off a camera will not work on him (Because in his world, it is quite too loud in there, so he got used to it). If the player dosen't hides in time, he will be seen in front of the player's desk, blocking the ability to pull up the camera, leaving the player vulnerable.


  • *[PAIN] scream from UP*
  • Did'ya Really think i would let you see me?
  • It's me! Your best mouse!
  • I've done everything, i've read everybook, i've burned everybook, i've talked with everyone and i've ignored everyone.


  1. BLACK (Not an actual CAM)
  2. Staff Area
  3. Meat Freezer
  4. Lounge
  5. Office


  • Underpants Mickey is supposed to be MS Paint Mickey's Brother
  • Most of UP Mickey's quotes are from videos from Sr Pelo
  • UP Mickey's past is unknown
  • UP Mickey was drawn in Gimp 2.
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