Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"The world needed a hero... That hero was... Mickey?" - Narrator

[Updated as of 25 of April 2021!]


Underpants Mickey is a supposed Mickey costume based off the famous series "UnderPants" which is drawn in black and white with the exception of the "True Pacifist Ending". They are drawn in a comic-ish way and distort their faces dramatically. The series of "UNDERPANTS" were made by Sr Pelo. Underpants Mickey is 2D unlike other costumes and toons.


In general they look like an average Mickey Mouse character, however, they lack any depth and are plain like paper. The place they come from is like a black void limited by white borders, reimagining an Undertale text box of sorts.


Underpants Mickey (or just UP Mickey) starts in the "BLACK" room. This room is not on the camera system and is only implied to exist. At some point, UP Mickey will move to the Staff Area, they'll stay near the edges of the camera to make it harder to detect them. They will later proceed to the Meat Freezer, where they cannot be perceived very well, then the lounge, where they can be fully seen looking directly to the camera. They'll eventually reach The Office. The player must watch carefully, as they hide as well as Dark Oswald, usually on the left of each camera like a sticker on a wall. The player must hide to fend off UP Mickey. Shutting off a camera will not work. If the player doesn't hide in time, UP Mickey will sit in front of the player's desk, blocking the ability to pull up the camera again which leaves the player at a vulnerable position.


  • *[JUST PAIN]*
  • Did'ya really think I'd let you see me?
  • It's me! Your best mouse!
  • I've done everything! I've read every book, I've burned every book, I've talked with everyone and I've ignored everyone!


  1. BLACK (Implied to exist only.)
  2. Staff Area
  3. Meat Freezer
  4. Lounge
  5. Office


  • Underpants Mickey is supposed to be MS Paint Mickey's Sibling.
  • Most of Underpants Mickey's quotes are from videos from Sr Pelo
  • Underpants Mickey's past is unknown
  • Underpants Mickey was drawn on Gimp 2.
  • Underpants Mickey used to have an offensive quote that was later removed.