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Undistorted Mickey or Original Face is a fanmade antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is The Face but his face is not distorted and looks like the Modern Cartoon Mickey mouse but without legs.


He first starts in the roof but unseen because he doesn't want to show up unlike his distorted counterpart.

At 1AM he shows up in the office hiding under the desk. The player has to hide to so Undistorted Mickey can leave because he's kinda shy of been seen by you.

Shutting a camera also works but you can either do those two in atleast 10 seconds.

Failing to do either of those two will result him jumpscaring the player receiving a game over


  • He poses the same way is distorted counterpart commonly poses.
  • He is similar to Past Mickey but just no legs.
  • This is VisnhutheCat3000's 2nd character.



His jumpscare sound.