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he looks like a unfinished model of mickey mouse made in some sort of 3d modeling program. guess somebody made this in they're free time but the question is how did it get here.


you will hear the background noise glitching. it's a sign of him coming after you but 5 seconds after the glitching noise then he will appear in you're office. you will have to do two thing and that is to shut off the meat freezer camera and then shutting off the power but you gotta be quick tho because he can jumpscare you really fast.

his voices are just him rambling to himself.


  • he is really rare. you will mostly see him 2 times every story replay
  • he will always crash you're game but sometimes he could crash you're PC
  • he is not visible to a suits eyes but he is visible to humans
  • it's unknown why he's pink