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Unknown is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.

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Unknown looks like a human but he is very hard to see.


Unknown can be seen randomly in the Meat Freezer in the dark and the player can hear him breathing, if the player change camera Unknown disappear and reappear in the Office behind the player and starts to breathing again. For make him leave the player must don't do anything. If the player put up the monitor Unknown will attack him making a distorted human scream. Only on Night 1 he appears.


Unknown appears randomly in the Meat Freezer and teleports in the Office if the player change camera.


  • Unknown is possibly a ghost of one of the workers of the Treasure Island.
  • In Character Prep 2 a sign can be seen on Mickey's Grenada poster showing a message "Please leave this place and don't come back" is probably Unknown's message.
  • Unknown's name can be seen in the Lounge on the wall.