Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Unknown Entity (A.K.A Phantom Renderman) is a mysterious suit and easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island.



Unknown Entity looks similar to Renderman, except that he has Blockmongler face, and it's red.


Unknown Entity resembles to be Flippy suit, but fully black and has red eyes.


Finale Night (Removed on latest versions)

He serves as the final boss in this night. He mimicks many character movements, making this night harder than expected, but the mechanics are easy. Once he is at the doorways, the player must shut off any camera in order to fend him off. If he is at the sign, they must stand still to make him leave. If he is close to the desk, they must hide under the desk to stop him. If he is at the monitor, which shows his face, they must shut off the power to repel him. He moves on every locations, and sometimes glitches the cameras. If they failed to defend against him, he will jumpscare the player, eventually crashing the game.

New (Regular Nights)

He randomly spawns at the Broadcasting Room, making an ambient noise, to signal the player that he is active. He will roam around the Island, making the cameras darker, which only his face can be seen. Once he entered The Office, the player must shut off CAM 7 to get rid of him. Failing will result in a jumpscare, and eventually crash the game.

Old (Regular Nights)

Randomly, during Night 6, the player might encounter glowing eyes on any cameras, which means that he is active. He enters every locations, making the cameras darker. If he entered your office, you must hide under the desk for about five seconds to make him leave. Delaying or not doing so will cause him to disable the power for the rest of the night. However, he can be also active during power off. If they encounter him, they must shine their light to make him go away. Not doing so will result in a jumpscare, and eventually crash the game.



  • It's the first RostislavGames' mysterious suit. Also, he is the only one that didn't model in Blender.
  • The death screen shows his face, but with a cheshire smile.
    • The new death screen shows the Blockmongler face, which is red.
  • The edit was made by Plushtube678.
    • As for his new appearance, he was created by Sp6 Gamer.
  • The only mysterious suit that doesn't speak, nor make noises.
    • But this was changed
  • His jumpscare sound is taken from Nightmare, which he is from FNaF 4.
    • But this was changed during Post-Halloween Update.
  • Unlike other suits, his promo was never made, meaning that he is the secret character.
    • Also, he randomly becomes active on Infinite Night and Custom Night.
  • When he appears on cameras, they will become dark.
    • However, when he enters The Office, he makes it really dark, which makes suits almost impossible to be seen.
  • On the Halloween update, he can be replaced with MickMick Entity.
    • His new appearance along with his behavior are changed during Post-Halloween Update.
      • His appearance can be changed by toggling his options on Custom Night menu. But this was removed on the latest version
  • He makes the same noises as Renderman, but much different.
  • His second name was added in the new update.
  • His night was removed on latest versions, but he is still here for unknown reason.