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He Is A Mickey Suit With Green Face And Tongue, Has White Eye On Right Eye, He Has Claw On His Hand, Blue Pants And Red Shoes.


He Active On Night 4, He Start On Unknown Storage, Then He Move To Entrance Room, Stairway, Storage Room, Staff Area, Meat Freezer And Office, Also He Sometimes Move To Break Room, Lounge, The Roof, Caverns Entrance And Bathroom, To Prevent Him, You Need Shut Off Camera But Shut Off Power Also Work On Him, When He Is On Your Desk, Hide 8 Seconds, Failling Or Doing Nothing He Will Kill You.


Unknown Mickey On Unknown Storage

Unknown Mickey On Break Room

Unknown Mickey On Staff Area

Unknown Mickey On Meat Freezer, Note:Only His Eye Are Shown

Unknown Mickey On The Roof

His Promo

His Teaser


  • He Supposed To Be A Normal Mickey Suit Until It Got Vandalized.
  • Sometimes His Eye Are Bleeding But Not Common.
  • When He Is On The Office, He Pull His Head, Revealing A Skull And A Blood.
    • This Is Because He Kill People Before He Starting To Kill The Player.
  • He Never Speaks At All.