Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Unseen Willy is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discoverey Island.


He lacks his left side of his face and arms and legs,including the chest and some of the belly.

He was a suit that was ripped by Jake so his soul went inside for revenge.


Unseen Willy first appears on the roof on Night 3. He is impossible to see because half of his body is ripped apart and even when active on 3AM.

But if the player sees him better the better you get to watch him on the camera. He will move closer every second you put down your camera it fully reveals him, But you can't see him that far so in a matter of seconds he will pop right into your office without a warning.

Just hide under the desk to survive Turning off the power also works The only thing that won't work is shutting off the camera because he can hear with one ear which he is deaf on the left which causes bad hearing But he can see you good because some of the eye is there.

Unseen Willy will give you 2 seconds to hide because he is fast and if you don't he will kill you.


He has similar behavior to Bush Mickey and The Face.

He is very fast character.

He can't speak but can make weird moaning while he is in the Office.

He has a slowed down Undying jumpscare sound.

He is one of the first willy suits be ripped in half.

This is Domestosguy's first made character.

In his jumpscare he pops up and screams at the player.