Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Unstoppable Mouse is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island


He consists in a really old Mickey Mouse suit very kneaded with extremely light and pale colors. He have various stains and rips around his body and head revealing crooked segments of what look's like rotten flesh. He was too a large and distorted smile with two dirty rat teeths in the front and bloodstained human teeths in the sides sustained by a dark and pierced gum, and two big black cavities with bloodshed human eyes in it.


He will become active in Night 3 and will always appear specifically at 3 AM from there in all cameras. For evade him you have to fastly change of camera if you see him in one, but be careful, because he can appear later on the camera in which you are, so you'll have to keep changing the camera until the fifth time when he will become inactive until the next night, but in the case if you fail, he will immediately dissapear of all cameras and will appear in front of your desk preventing you to use the cameras, for later of some seconds kill you.


"I used to be unable to do anything of my part."

"They had me like a puppet"

"I can do they pay now"

"You can try, you will not detain me"


  • He's based of a Mickey suit mentioned in the creepypasta It's Just a Costume.
  • In some rare occassions he will appear in some cameras without his mask revealing a smiling rotten corpse that is with a pretty dark and pierced skin.
  • According of what is said in Night 6, he was a employee that was possesed by a demon(until now it is unknown where it came from) that was later trapped and obliged by another employee that is experient in these themes to act like a simple Disney employee when it was the moment, while he tried to find out a solution for this problem, but he mysteriously disappeared some days later(until now it's unknown what happend to him)allowing the demon getting free and possessing completly the employee body.
  • He was originally will going to be called "Costume Mouse" at base of the "The Costume" creepypasta, but this was later scrapped for a better name and concept for his appereance, that was going to be based on the suit mentioned in this creepypasta.
  • It' thought that the employee that was possesed is Will due what is mentioned in his respective audio record, but it's not confirmed