Unwanted Mickey is a fan made antagonist/suit in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Unwanted Mickey becomes active on Night 4. He is very aggressive and hostile towards the player, moving very fast throughout his rotation. When he starts to come out of his start place (Storage Area). He is seen coming out from behind the camera in the corner. After that, he goes to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, And the Office.


Unwanted Mickey looks like a normal Mickey Mouse costume, except that he has very rough material. He also has missing eye pupils, half of a ear, missing fingers, a missing button on his pants, and his shoe is also missing.


Unwanted Mickey acts very unusual compared to the other suits. He is not fast on every camera, but can be fast on a few of them. He doesn't have a normal path, but he only appears right in front of the desk in the office. Unwanted Mickey will kill the player if the player choses to not shut off a camera, if the player does shut off a camera, he will go away.


  • Unwanted Mickey doesn't act very normal unlike the rest of the suits, but the way to defend against him is normal.
  • Unwanted Mickey was abandoned for years, hence why he is called "Unwanted Mickey."


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