Hello guys! I am Mateo! Also known as zwillingeÄrger in steam :D

Feel free to add me (Steam*)! Also check the info below for stuff and all that.

My favorite characters

My most played games and favorites of all time! (In Order)

  • 1st. Abandoned: Discovery Island
  • 2nd. Osu!
  • 3rd. FNAF World
  • 4th. Don't Starve Together
  • 5th. Making Theories and finding Easter eggs (Not an Actual game, but i use this to entertain myself)

My Friends (Steam)

What you do?

I mostly do edits for the pictures i need for my characters. But it would make me happy if someone could make a Model for them! :)

Current Goals in this Wiki

Get the glorious "Real Suffering is Not Known..." Badge.

Mission success!

Then get the "You're a true pal!" Badge, but i would need to contribute to this wiki 100 days, and i am up to that!

Your biggest wish

It would be amazing if i could become a Mod, but then again, i am not even ready for the task yet. I will contribute to this wiki some more and learn about it, and then i could run on the chances. I could do great job because im literally On every single day... Almost. But like i said before, When i learn more of this wiki, i could then run on the chances.

This is all, thanks for reading!

Don't forgett to leave me a message on my message Wall if you need anything, i will sure answer you! :D

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