Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

now what do you think you're doing here. fine if you want to know more about me than here you go

i have been with fnati since the game first came out in december 1 2014 but i when i first saw a youtuber play it it was riskrim by the way i was to scared to play the game when it first came out i took a break from the game the last time i saw the game was in 2016 and i recently went back to the game


fav game

  • abandoned discovery island
  • call of duty infinite warfare. hey don't judge me
  • little big planet 3
  • little big planet 2
  • killzone original
  • rayman 2
  • abandoned discovery island 2.0
  • battlefield

fav food

  • pizza
  • burger
  • nuggets


  • budgie2712
  • greenkoopashell

my characters


games i made