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The above is the easiest way to contact me, if you really need to. I'm way more active on Discord than I am on here, thanks for reading!


Hello there, I'm Distorted Mouse. I've made a few pages for this wiki, and made some images for others. So, I am an admin, so if you have any troubles, or any questions, I will do my best to help you. I'm pretty decent when it comes to PHOTO-SHOP (Notice how I bolded and italicized that? That's because I photo-shop, NOT model not at the moment anyways, some people don't seem to understand that.), so if you need any images, if I can do it, I will.

Who Am I as a Person Exactly?

On this lovely place known as the internet, I usually go by Distorted Mouse, but if you wish to, you can call me DM, or Ozzy, my real name. Like many of you who are also here, I'm a fan of FNaTI, and Mickey Mouse in general. I live in the US, and usually spend my time on the internet.

I'll answer any questions about anything, really, if I can. But don't ask too many personal ones, otherwise you'll learn I'm a weirdo.

Other Accounts? Here They Are

deviantART: here

Tumblr: here

Twitter: here

Discord (Usually): Distorted Mouse#2238

About My Avatar

It's Mickey with spiral eyes thingies, I don't really know.

My Pages I've Made

To find all my pages I've made on this wiki, go here.

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