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About Myself

Photo Negative Mickey after Smoking weed, I guess. You know what happens when you smoke, kids. #NoDrugs.

Just a dude that does fnati photoshop. I have some Fan-Makings and i mainly make the images for them all, as Cameras or Suits, and their galleries. Write a message in my Message Wall, I don't have problem to answer. If you want to do a request, said me it in "Requests are Open"

Note : I don't take fnaf requests. It can be an Animatronic Mickey or Oswald, but not fnaf. Since I don't like fnaf anymore. I used to like it, but it started to be somehow boring for me, and now I'm tired of fnaf. I hate fnaf :).

Thank you for reading.

Alternate Accounts

Deviantart: http://fnati-fal.deviantart.com/

Discord: Paperz

Favourites/things I like

  • Food : Pizza, Doritos, Salad. :)
  • Drink : Coke, Fanta.
  • Games : Call of Duty Saga, Fallout Saga, Darksouls 2 and God Of war.
  • Hobby : I dunno. I guess it's making and editing pages in the wiki or watching Horror movies. :b

My Fan-Makings

File:13704112 1094721460582178 1816022354 n.jpg

Well, i have many Fanmades, so I'm so Freaking lazy to say all.

Dood, just check the Wiki.

Page Rules

Eeeeh. I basically don't have rules, I just follow the wiki rules. If you want to talk with me, put a message in my wall and don't be annoying or bother with shit in my pages. If you want to do that, get away plz.


Idfk. It's a WIP yet.