Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

What i do during day

  1. When i don't go to school, plus don't have to study, i usually waste time with going out or playing games. However, there might be more children that behave like me, thought. But i am not a kid.
  2. When i study it takes a giant time of my day. However, studying takes max. 5 hours of my day playing on that creepy computer. 
  3. Usually, the computer i have sucks a little bit, because it takes longer than usual to turn it on. When my PC is unable to turn on, or my sister is flaggling claggling with it, i usually use my 7-inch tablet to watch gamers playing FNAF fangames. 
  4. For me, my sister sometimes takes my phone (really weirdly long). But usually, i call my dad when i have free time.
  5. Playing FNAF is so fun! However, i get nightmares really easy, and due to this, my mom tries to accus me of trying to hack her PC, but i don't do it.
  6. Always, my girlfriend is sometimes stunned. I am so sorry about her, but that's unnecessary.

Why i don't have my own night mode

  1. I cannot even sleep enough sometimes
  2. My sister goes to sleep at a later hour in night

What i did in my past

  1. Going on a trip a few times per day, also making animations
  2. Playing Five Nights at Candy's 2
  3. Drawing teletubbies as animatronics
  4. Doing graphics for 5 Nights at Cindy's (my laptop stopped working, the game is now taken down.)

A small punishment

Who refers to me as Pepp, that one gets warned to stop.

Who refers to me as Pepp twice, this one will fall.