Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Varmint is a fan made antagonist in abandoned discovery island


Varmint has the body of Armswald but he is missing his left leg and right ear. His face is pure brown and a large spike is coming out of his right eye with a green glowing eye on his left. he has turquoise pants that are covered in dirt and his right eye is covered in blood


Varmint first appears in the Treasure Island Graveyard where he can be seen coming out of a bush then he will go into the entrance where he is seen peaking behind a corner then he will move to the lounge where he is seen behind the table he will then enter the office where he is seen behind the TV you must shut off a camera to get rid of him


  • "god can't see you so she can't help you"
  • "let me show you how to tear apart your face! and look like me!"
  • "let me tell you all the ways you can mess up"
  • "your worst nightmare is a warm fuzzy dream compared to what we do to intruders..."
  • "you don't give up that easily I see... you know if I could see"
  • "I acknowledge the fact that I am quite a eyesore... to bad I can't look at myself in a mirror"
  • "I know your in that office buddy boy"
  • "nobody can hurt you... nobody can save you"


  1. Varmint is blind so that is why turning off the power won't work on him but it's pretty confusing that hiding doesn't work on him.
  2. he is a Oswald variant of The Rat.
  3. despite he is blind he actually can see out of his left eye but the vision is extremely poor
  4. he has exceptional hearing even higher than Mateo the Rabbit and photo negative mickey combined! but this is a huge weak point to him. cuz if he hears a loud sound from even a mile away he can actually get a headache but in a very echoed hollow building like the office he can get very serious brain damage.
  5. he is a rather odd Oswald suit because like It's Mateo! and Armswald are the only Oswald's with arms
  6. he does appear on The ??? Night in his shade form [note that this is the only time he can be seen in his shade form.] to get rid off him you must shine your light on him until the green glow stops, then hide under the desk until you hear a audio que of him limping away with one leg.

phone call

here is the phone call that Varmint gives on night 16also it has a lot static in the background but here it goes

*ring ring then static* "there is no fun, No nostalgia, 0% happiness and only joy from the cartoons were getting more angry at you as the nights progressed the will be no fun... DEATH ONLY DEATH- *Disney music playing and then cutting off* *Greg speaking* "yo what the literal hell are you doing there didn't you get the memo... Disneyland is being Burnt down in a riot just listen if you do make it out ali- WAIT GET BACK RED FIGURE WE LOCKED YOU in that cage for a reason send hel-" Don't listen to Greg Jake we are going to make you pay for what you did you'll see"