Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Venomous Ortensia is a cancelled fan made character in Abandoned Discovery Island.

She was cancelled because the creator had time wasting issues and was too lazy so that's why she got cancelled.

She will be replaced by Venomous Oswald instead


Her appearance is like the same as her normal version but she's all greenish and has red little sticks coming out of her.


Her behaviour is not much known but she would first appear in Character Prep 2 and move in different positions in the room.

Possibly these positions mean something but because she's cancelled, it's unknown how she will play in game.


(Technically) Venomous Ortensia is indeed my first character to not be Mickey Mouse but because she's cancelled, Oswald will mostly be the non-Mickey character.

Venomous Ortensia is indeed a forgotten character because of her cancellation.

Feel free to use Venomous Ortensia but don't claim her as your own because she belongs to me.

And don't vandalise my pages because I never been vandalised before but that's just a quick warning