Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Venomous Oswald is a fanmade distraction in Abandoned Discovery Island


In the promo, It has a blue body, missing both legs, A little light that is purple, and a bit of green posion slime on top of the right side of the head. However in its distraction in game, It has a white face with no nose, mouth, eyes. It also appears to have a scribbley smooth zigzag pattern in a cyan white type tone of colour. Small red words can be seen as well.


Venomous Oswald activates at any time However in your office unseen. He won't appear immediately so you have to summon him first. Look down to summon him👇

How To Summon Venomous Oswald

To summon him you need to flip up and down your monitor repeatedly fast for 15 seconds. Make sure everyone is not here for a minute or so otherwise.... Then Venomous Oswald's face should pop on screen. A scream will play like this

But he's screaming because he's scared of you not him.


His sound is a mixture of all sounds.

He's my first non-mickey character

Free feel to use character but don't claim him as your own and don't vandalise my pages because I never been vandalised before but that's just a quick warning.