Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Vergessene Gräuel(Or Revenge Daisy) is a fan made antagonist on A:DI and FNATI:The Revenge"


Her appearance is that Daisy from FNATI but her head is sagged or either deflated, her pupil is also missing for some reason. She has a hole on middle of her head, revealing a Human Eye. A human hand also appear on her mouth.


She will start on Character Prep 2 and will cone to your office if you not using the cameras. Splash her with water bottle that appear on the left of your office desk. When she's here she will speed up almost every Humanoid, Toons and Suits. If she is left for too long your vision will start to blurry eventually leading to death because she's suffocate you.

"FNATI:The Revenge Mechanic'"(FANMADE)

She will active on Night 5 and sometimes appear on your office, preventing you for using the Light Strobe. Simply open your monitor and she will gone for a while.


  • "Really Loud Static Quack Noise"


  • Character Prep 2
  • Office


  • She is inspired from the "Revenge" Characters that appear in FNATI:The Revenge
  • it's currently unknown who put a Humand Hand and Human Eyeballs in the first place.
  • She will occasionally floating at Character Prep 2 before reaching to your Office.
  • If you click her in Character Prep 2 for 10 times. You will play a minigame about the PNM found out that Jake still didn't forgive his past actions.
  • Her "Human Hands" and "Human Eyeballs" may have a connection with Henry.