Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Verlassen is a fan-made character in Five Nights At Treasure Island


He is a grayscale Mickey Mouse suit left in the storage room for years. (referencing the 1930's Mickey Mouse) his look is like Suicide Mouse, but with some dust.


He acts similar to Photo Negative Mickey, but instead of starting in Character Prep 1, he starts in the Storage Room, then he moves to the Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer, and then to the office. To prevent him, you must shut off the cameras before he jumpscares you. He has a jumpscare but it is similar to Suicide Mouse. He starts on Night 3.

When he moves he says one of these quotes:


"I was abandoned"

"Why did you leave me here?"

"I don't deserve to be treated like this"

"You made lot's of people disappointed"


  • There is a possibility a Bendy And The Ink Machine song would've played if he was in the broadcasting room. (But that was taken out due to being cringey and unfunny)
  • His true name is unknown
  • Verlassen means "Abandoned" in German
  • His voice sounds like Mickey Mouse in the 1930's