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"Jokes Ahead"
This following page is a joke page, and is not meant to be taken seriously, in any way, shape or form. This page's content may also wildly vary and NOT pertain to the subject of A:DI or FNaTI. Thank you for reading this warning.

"Smoke weed everyday!" - Very High Donald


Very High Donald is a joke character and an alternate version of High Duck.



He looks like an idiotic version of a Green Donald Head with small green eyes and widened eye sockets. Also, he is smiling like an idiot that thinks he's very handsome, and has his long tongue.


Basically the same, but without green eyes.



He randomly starts at The Roof, and then teleports to your office, playing a mildly loud version of Mandeville music, which makes a lot suits hear it. You need to shut off camera in order to get rid of him.


He randomly appears in your office during power out with 0.55% chance. Once he is inside, there's no way to avoid him. He disables your flashlight and summons Wank Mickey under your desk.


  • He is SUPER DUPER similar to High Duck.
  • His path is similar to The Face yet AGAIN.
  • The reason why he is Very High is because he smoked too much weed.
  • The creator of that suit and page created that, because he was bored YET AGAIN!
  • If the player hides under the desk while he is there, he has a chance to summon SCP-173 or go away.
  • He hangs out with Nightmare Disembodied, SCP-173 and Herobrine.
  • There's a chance that he can replace himself with his Minecraft form.
  • Big thanks to Ultimate3DSMan for inspiration!
  • Strangely, when you shut off the power, he won't go away and will continue playing this goddamn gross dank music.
  • There's a chance that he will speak "Smoke weed everyday!".
  • In the newer versions, he was remodeled and gained his new appearance.
  • Yeet swag, and that's it.