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Vision Disembodied is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and his own game, Jake's Nightmare


Vision Disembodied resembles the original Disembodied, but much more distorted and scary looking. Vision Disembodied has an elongated jaw, where a set of serrated grey teeth can be seen. Underneath his mask appears to be the head of a human with no eyelids, milky blue pupils, and rotted teeth. Multiple tentacle-like arms come out of the back of Vision Disembodied's head, that end in small toes.

Mechanics (ADI)

Vision Disembodied has a rare chance of appearing on the desk in the office, where he will emit an ear piercing sound. The player can only get rid of him by shutting off a camera. Vision Disembodied's sound can make the suits move faster, so getting rid of him as quickly as possible would be advised.

Mechanics (JN)

On Night 3 at 3AM, the player must play a free-roam minigame called "Hide and Seek with Disembodied". The player must collect extra flashlight batteries for later nights that can be found around Jake's house. The player can only access the main area of the house, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and home office. The player is not alone however, as Vision Disembodied is also with Jake in the house. The player must collect batteries while also avoiding Vision Disembodied by hiding behind furniture, or inside of closets. Once the player finds all the batteries, they must go back upstairs to complete the minigame. Getting caught by Vision Disembodied will result in a game over.

After Night 3, Vision Disembodied will start making appearances in the main game. He will sometimes appear on Jake's bed, making a loud sound. The player must take a pill in order to get rid of him. Vision Disembodied's sound aggravates the other Visions and makes them move quicker.


  • He is the exact same size as normal Disembodied.
  • He is a manifestation of the shock Jake felt once he found out about Henry's death.
  • vision disembodied design look like disembodied 2020 design from fnati 2020
    Disembodied 2020.png


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