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Vision Face is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and his own game, Jake's Nightmare


Vision Face appears to be a heavily exaggerated version of The Face. However, he is much different from the original Face, as Vision Face is much bigger and bulkier. His face is wider and larger, with an animal-like nose, completely black eyes with red pupils, and a wide jaw filled with razor sharp grey teeth. His ears are large and pointed, and on the side of his head rather than the top. His arms and hands are very large, almost appearing muscular. His gloves are yellowed, and end in razor sharp points. The lower half of his body is missing, being replaced with loose internal organs. A bloodstain can be seen on the severed section of his torso.

Mechanics (ADI)

Vision Face has a chance to appear in the office, much like the other Visions. He can be seen reaching over the desk with his left hand reaching towards Jake. He can be gotten rid of by either flipping up the camera monitor, or hiding under the desk. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.

Mechanics (JN)

Vision Face starts on Night 3, and sometimes Night 2. He can be seen occasionally appearing at the window, where the player must close the blinds in order to get rid of him. Sometimes he will appear on Jake's bed, seemingly rising from under the bed. Jake must take a pill in order to get rid of him. This will cause him to fade away.


  • He is 2 feet taller than the original Face.
  • He is a manifestation of the fear Jake felt when spending his week at Treasure Island


Vision Face Audio
Jumpscare sound.