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Vision Goofy is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and his own game, Jake's Nightmare


Vision Goofy is a heavily exaggerated version of Acephalous, or Goofy. Vision Goofy appears to be as tall as regular Acephalous, but with eerie elongated arms, sharp fingered hands, and a torn vest with a large gash revealing a ribcage underneath. His head is the most affected, with razor sharp rotted fangs, slimy gums, and black eyes with white ringed pupils. He is missing his hat, as well as his ears.

Mechanics (ADI)

There is a rare chance Vision Goofy will appear in the Meat Freezer CAM, standing in the corner of the room. Putting down the camera will result in him appearing in the office, where he will be seen with his jaw stretched half way down his chest and his arms stretching over his head towards Jake. The player can only get rid of him by hiding under the desk. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.

Mechanics (JN)

Vision Goofy starts on Night 4, where his hands will stretch out from under the bed, and stretching outwards towards Jake. The player must quickly flash Vision Goofy's face with the flashlight from under the bed. If the player is too slow, he will grab the player and jumpscare them. Sometimes, he will appear in the doorway where the player must take a pill in order to get rid of him.


  • He is just as tall as regular Acephalous.
  • He is a manifestation of utter fear Jake felt at Treasure Island.


Vision Goofy Audio
A growling sound

that plays when Goofy is

under the bed.

Another growling sound.
Jumpscare sound.