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Vision Oswald is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and his own game, Jake's Nightmare


Vision Oswald is a heavily exaggerated version of Dark Oswald. He is very tall, with a heavily distorted face. He has two large ears, one of which is ripped. His eyes are empty sockets, his right eye is large and more deformed. Unlike his past appearance, he has a large red nose, which has a chunk taken out of it. His jaw is stretched down, with nine sharp serrated teeth. His body is torn, his left arm missing at the base, while his right arm still has some of it left. He has a large tear in his chest, and black shorts and curved animal-like legs. The most notable feature about Vision Oswald is the multiple skeletal arms protruding from his left eye, mouth, and chest.

Mechanics (ADI)

Vision Oswald has a chance to appear in the Office, where he will be seen standing on the left side of the desk, staring at the player. The player can only get rid of him is by hiding underneath the desk. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.

Mechanics (JN)

Vision Oswald starts on Night 2, and can appear underneath the bed. The player must shine their flashlight at him several times to get rid of him. However, he can appear in the closet on Night 3, as well as under the bed. When he appears in the closet, the player can get rid of him by shining their light at him, it will cause him to fade away.


  • He is 3 feet taller than normal Dark Oswald.
  • He is a manifestation of Jake's sorrow towards his parent's death.
  • The idea for this character was inspired by LoganTheAlt.


Vision Oswald Audio
Jumpscare sound.