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Vision Suicide Mouse is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and his own game, Jake's Nightmare


Vision Suicide Mouse is a heavily exaggerated version of Suicide Mouse. He appears very distorted, with a large head and empty eye sockets. His left eye is small, and his right eye is large and stretched. He has an elongated jaw with many malformed teeth. His body is large, with skinny arms and legs. He is supposed to resemble Mickey in the final minutes of the suicidemouse.avi video.

Mechanics (ADI)

Vision Suicide Mouse has a rare chance of appearing instead of normal Suicide Mouse. He will be seen crawling out of the TV, and once the player puts down the camera monitor he will be in the office. The only way to get rid of him is to shut off the power. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.

Mechanics (JN)

Vision Suicide Mouse starts on Night 3, where the suicidemouse.avi video will begin playing on a TV in Jake's bedroom. Vision Suicide Mouse will begin crawling out of the TV. He will only move when he is not in Jake's line of sight, so checking under the bed too frequently will cause him to crawl out of the TV more and more. After fully out of the TV, he will stand in the center of the room, lights flickering. This is when Vision Suicide Mouse will decide to attack or not. What this means is that it is unknown when he will attack.


  • He is 3 feet taller than normal Suicide Mouse
  • He is the manifestation of the paranoia that Jake felt at Treasure Island.


Vision Suicide Mouse Audio
Jumpscare sound.
VSM music.