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"Jokes Ahead"
This following page is a joke page, and is not meant to be taken seriously, in any way, shape or form. This page's content may also wildly vary and NOT pertain to the subject of A:DI or FNaTI. Thank you for reading this warning.



recardo and MY GOD THAT OSWALD INNIT? OMFG!!! are here so why not a joke character to face... He has nazi invasion flashbacks and can't blink without seeing 3 hours of the war. Poor guy


he starts in the same room as MY GOD THAT OSWALD INNIT? OMFG!!! but he goes to Oswald the lucky rabbits house to steal his money$$$ before he enters the office and when he does just play gun noises and he will "breakdance" on the floor


  • MY GOD THAT OSWALD INNIT? OMFG!!! mostly takes good care of him mostly by putting him in a crib and feeding him fnaf vore pics every 3 hours
  • he has a small chance to replace face in pirate caverns
  • he isn't a ball don't throw him at the wall or he'll start crying
  • he isn't happy due to what happened before