Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Walt Disney is the creator and founder of Disney and a protagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He is the one who made Mickey and all the other characters in Disney. He is now a spirit who goes around to different Disney attractions.


He does not appear until X night. But he appears to resemble his normal self except all ghostly.


After the player gets the True ending and if he or she types " Walt" on the main menu, it shows them the cut scene that takes place after the true ending, You will hear Walt Disney talking. He says " Hello there Jake, I see you have defeated True Mickey, you must now do the right thing then I will meet you tomorrow. It's about something well.... bad and I mean very very bad. So come back tomorrow. Then the player is transferred to a secret night called " Night X". It first starts off with Walt saying " Hello Jake, welcome back. Now that you did the right thing by returning the item you have for Discovery Island. But now let me introduce myself" He then appears in front of the desk and says " I am Walt Disney. You may know me as the man who created Mickey and his pals. Now look the reason why I called you hear is because of something very important. There is a very dangerous and powerful being in here. Now he ain't some True Mickey leveled evil or God leveled powerful, He is more than that. He's known as " Darkness of Disney" or " Disney X". You must try to survive against him and then try to defeat him otherwise he will wipe out not only this island, but the world. Also another thing is he has turned the suits into shadow creatures and has even defeated God and Undying. Look, if you see the shadow suit, then do what you usually do, shut off the camera. If you see him, Take this. It's a light staff, It was also buried in the island. use it to stop him. I think it will also be used for those shadow suits. But however, you can only use it three times before recharging but not too long. So use it wisely. After doing all that, I will help you if I can so good luck surviving Jake." He then disappears.


He has no locations, but is seen in the office in the cut scene.


  • Walt can go to any Disney attraction.
  • The " Item" he's talking about is a secret journal that secures the evil and keeps the island safe from getting into the wrong hands.
  • He appears to be a protagonist and not an antagonist.
  • He helps the player fend off against Disney X and the shadow suits.
  • He explains about his backstory.