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White Noise Is One Of The Secret Antagonists In Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. , the other secret antagonist in Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. , the other secret being The Suffering.


White Noise Bears To Be A Whitened Version Of Mickey Mouse , He Almost Resembles To Happy Mouse , but his fur is all pale white and his eyes are similar to Suicide Mouse's Eyes. And his gloves , his shorts/pants , his shoes are pale white and his white shorts are missing it's buttons , and his legs are pale white and his ears are white and he appears to have human-like teeth inside his mouth just like Happy Mouse.


White Noise will activate on Night 8 , but on the Custom Night or on Nightmare Mode , he is an aggressive enemy towards near the player. He will start in The Stair-Way , then after , he will somehow roam around to his unknown locations , he will just move multiple room along his pale path , he will appear on all of the rooms on every cameras in the monitor , then he will have a random chance of appearing inside the Office , when he's inside the Office Room , he will be closer to the player with his left hand on the desk and his right hand will be floating out and he will be floating. If he's spotted inside the Office Room , the player must pull up the monitor and ending up shutting off one of the cameras to make him go away form the player's distance. If Failing Or Neglecting To Do That In Time , White Noise Will Attack The Player With His Kill-Screen , And Then After A Matter Of A Few Seconds Will Then Result In The Game Crashing.


  • White Noise Is One Of The Few Enemies That Can Crash The Game When Thy're Attacking The Player If the player doesn't fend them off , the other one of the suits being some of them , including Unfinished Mouse.
  • White Noise Is One Of The Enemies That Can Move Along Multiple Room , Appear On All Of The Rooms , the other suit being Rotten Suicide Mouse.
  • White Noise Is An Indistinct To Happy Mouse Because He Is A Pale Version Of Happy Mouse.


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