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"Hey buddy, its Greg here. So uh sorry again for making you do this, you are an intern after all. We're still stuck in alabama getting our equipment ready before we head off to where you are, we are professionals so we need to keep track of our stuff so we wont look stupid. Anyway though, if you are familliar with us, we tried to make a new suit. But uh it didn't really go well as planned- the textures messed up. If he comes in shine your light at his face, it'll blind him and he would run off. Alright i'll leave it up to you! Also--dont screw up anyway of our equipment." -Night 1, Greg

Will is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island and a secret character for the upcoming remake/remaster "Five Nights at Treasure Island Plus".


His textures seem to be corrupted, his pants are green, most of his black and some of his tail is white. His eyes and pupil is gray, and one of his gloves have blue.


He acts like corruptus rarely but is mostly like acephalous with a mix of face and oswald, to get rid of him turn your power off, flashlight, or simply hide under the desk quickly.


  • "Your not going anywhere.."
  • "My life, I want it back."
  • "HEAR ME NOW!"
  • "Hide and seek, I'll count, you hide!"
  • "Wanna see my leg come off?"
  • "I'll snap my neck, you will regret it."
  • "He's coming."
  • "Don't leave me here alone.."

Rare Quotes (found in the fnati plus demo)

  • "Sniff snif."
  • "my final message, goodbye"


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  • Will's name chosen by Elephant's friend.
  • The creator of this page made Will because he was making Jumpscares for FNaTI plus and suddenly willy's textures messed up.
  • In the joke FNaTI plus demo, Will is the main character.
  • Posing willy was a pain in the ass.
  • ElephantDudr has no idea how to make the teaser things in fnati