Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

William Norton is a missing child and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island


He appears to be 10 years old. He has black hair and brown eyes and has a torn, short, sleeved green shirt and torn blue shorts. He wears white sneakers. His body appears to be distorted as his legs and fingers appears to be bent. He has some blood on his clothes.


William appears in Pirates cavern and will follow the player on any floor. The player must run away when they see him or he will kill them. He also starts at Night 4 at Pirates cavern entrance off camera. He will then be seen peeking out. He will teleport through different cameras like Roof, Character prep 1, Meat Freezer, Staff Area, and Lounge. The player must not watch him on the camera too much or he will disable it for a few moments. When in the office, the player must hide or else he will kill you. He can sometimes make laughs when active in pirates cavern or in night 4 and beyond.


William starts at Pirates cavern entrance and will teleport to Staff Area, Roof, Character prep 1, Meat Freezer, the Lounge and will eventually go to the office.


  • William is the only character to start at Pirate Cavern entrance.
  • According to the SSA, it's believed that William got lost at Pirates Cavern and died in there by most likely murder. His parents left without him and did not realize it.
  • William's distorted body is rumored to be because of a disease or a disorder. However, it's been confirmed that William has no disease or a disorder and most likely his body becomes mangled when he was lost in pirates cavern.
  • William is the only human to be hostile.
  1. William seems to teleport to different cameras to toy with the player.