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"Hold It Right There"
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  • ImageWorks: The What-If Labs (2nd Floor)
    • Multiple missing persons reports regarding Dreamfinder's School of Drama.
    • Pin screen fatality.
    • Vibrating mirror sickness.
    • Unresolved CORRUPTUS: "Wily Wizard" installation

-Corruptus Creepypasta


Wily Wizard's appearance is unknown, since nothing is mentioned as appearance facts in The Corruptus Creepypasta, where he's briefly mentioned. His possible physical appearance is a Wizard Mickey mouse suit, that is eyeless and his mouth is outstretched. He's covered in dust and his colors are much less saturated and darkened than normal. He seems to be pouring ink from both eyesockets and his mouth. He also seems to be slightly rotting away.


Wily Wizard starts in the Treasure Island Installations, then he goes to the Janitor's Closet, then to the Storage room , the Meat Freezer and Finally the office. He seems to somehow be able to skip many locations in his path, since unlike the Spirit, he doesn't teleport. Hide behind the desk to Survive. If you shut off a camera or the power, he will kill you, since it doesn't work on him At all. He starts at Night 2, 1AM. Sometimes he appears in Pirate caverns in the stairs and behind the walls and in rooms. If you find him, run.


Wily Wizard's path has the following locations

  • Treasure Island Installations
  • Janitor's Closet
  • Storage room
  • Meat Freezer

He also persecutes the player in Pirate Caverns, attacking with Undying.

He doesn't talk while moving, unlike the other Suits.


  • He is one of the Seven Corruptus.
  • He appears in the Creepypasta Corruptus, briefly mentioned.
  • His name is Wily, not Willy.
  • His origin, or why he is here is unknown.


Wily's possible physical appearance