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Windows XP Man is a killer who wants to take revenge on Windows 10


It's the Windows XP Icon, but this time he has arms, legs, and a face


Windows XP Man will be activated At 1 AM in the lounge, if you see him in your office, hide under the table so he cannot see you


  • There was already a windows character and it was windows, here is the link of the character: https://abandoned-discovery-island-rp.fandom.com/wiki/Windows
  • The body parts it's a reference to an animation call BFDI
  • The voice lines that he makes it's from Microsoft sam
  • Windows XP Man can be only found in the game mode called "Windows Mode"
  • UltimateCombatFan Wasn't to able to add the image of windows XP man on broadcasting room


Windows XP Man On lounge.png

Windows XP Man on Lounge

Windows XP Man On Storage room.png
Windows XP man On Meat Freezer.png

Windows XP Man on Storage room

Windows XP Man on Meet Freezer

Windows XP Man On office.png

Windows XP Man On The Office


  1. Hey, do you want to install windows 10 for free?
  2. Why do you have to move to Windows 10, you know I'm better than him
  3. I will make you suffer, and you will never stop suffering after you use Windows XP instead of this shitty windows 10
  4. God will never let you use windows 10, never and never and never
  5. Save windows XP