Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"W.Animatronic Goofy(or Withered Animatronic Goofy) is one of the antagonist on ADI"


His apperance is similiar to his normal counterpart, Goofy, but the different is he is an animatronic. Most of his body are broken, revealing his most endoskeletons. His both arms are missing for somereason, his eye is missing, revealing his endoskeleton head. He also has red eye, his pants and leg are seems fine except for his left bottom leg, revealing it's endoskeleton.


He will active on night 4, he would start on Break Room and will goes to Bathroom, Meat Freezer, Office. If he enter your office, you're dead. You must burn him with Flamethrower on Cameras, hold "F" to use it. However using Flamethrower can rise the Temperature pretty quickly.


  • Break Room
  • Bathroom
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office(You're Dead)


  • H-h-h-ell-lo F-f--ffriends!
  • R-eaa-dd-y T-o-o H-aaa-v-v-e F--u-n?
  • C'''m-oon-o-on L--e-e--et--t'---s-ss P-aa-rTy!
  • G-o-o-oooF-f-_fyyyy W-ww-wI-i-i-iLll S-hh-Oow T-ttt-T Tt-thhhh-hee-e r-r-r-r-rreal F-f-f-_ffff uuu---unnn!


  • The reason why his voice corrupted is unknown but it may him being so damaged that made his voice corrupted
  • He is not from Mickey Pizza Club
  • Sometimes his jumpscare will not showed up in-game, that mean you will get instant static instead of his jumpscare. This was later fixed.