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Withered Farter is an fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island and is an antagonist in Five Nights with The Farter.


Withered Farter is a Distorted Mickey shaped character made out of farts and with poop all over his body, red empty eyes, and gloves similar to Mickey Mouse. His face is distorted, he has no eyes, and he has no legs.


Withered Farter active in Night 3 or Night 2 (Rarely). He will start in The Roof, The Sewers (Rarely), and Finally the Office. If he in the Office, the player must shut off the camera, Hide under the desk, or shut off the power or else he will jumpscaring the player and the result is Game Over.


  • He almost has a same behavior, appearance to The Face.
  • He has his own game called five night's with the farter and it was made by CutePikmin1 and KurtWiezbowski.
  • He's a fart demon.
  • In Night 6, he fuse with Diarreah and The Farter to become Pooper.
  • He's old.
  • Sometimes, The Farter trolls his grandpa Withered Farter because yes.
  • His render gonna be remake.