Withered Mickey

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Withered Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Withered Mickey is a Mickey Mouse toon, except for the fact that he is severely damaged. His notable features are listed below.

  • Right ear is missing.
  • Left eye is missing.
  • Mouth is elongated.
  • Left arm is missing.
  • Right button in his pants is missing, while the other button is elongated.
  • Shoes appear to be crushed and dirty.


Encountering Withered Mickey is rare, but it IS possible. He will be seen in the Caverns Entrance, peeking through the door. At this point, Withered Mickey has already been activated.

Withered Mickey will move through Discovery Island, traveling to any room at any time. His behavior is extremely unpredictable, as he can appear in the Office no matter what room he's currently in.

While moving, Withered Mickey will sometimes make laugh-like sounds. These sounds are low and distorted.


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