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Withered Photo-Negative Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Withered Photo-Negative Mickey resembles himself, but is severely broken and withered. His body is dented, and his left ear has a hole in it. There is a large hole in the right side of his head, and a smaller one on his nose. His mouth is permanently stretched open, and his eye sockets have been enlarged. A bloodshot eye is seen in his left eye socket, and "yellow blood" drips from it. He's missing his left arm, and his chest has a hole in it. His right leg has a small hole in it, and there is a big chunk missing from his left shoe.


Withered Photo-Negative Mickey begins off-camera in Character Prep 1, and won't be seen until 2AM. Once active, he will be seen standing towards the back of the room in a walking motion. He will then move to the Staff Area, where he is seen standing outside of the door to Character Prep 1, staring into the camera. He will then move to the Meat Freezer, where he is seen standing in the middle of the room. He will finally move to the Office, where he is seen standing towards the right side of the Office, reaching his hand towards the player. The player must hide underneath the desk to get rid of him, as failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.


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  • Many theories say Withered Photo-Negative Mickey is a hallucination due to a contradiction of a normal version of Photo-Negative Mickey existing along with Withered Photo-Negative Mickey, despite them both being the same suit.
  • He is based on Malrat's version of Withered Photo-Negative Mickey.