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This character is an easter egg and will always will be because i hate myself and i want to die.

Basically Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX is just an idea that was made by Gametime8889 while i was finding some OCs without pages.

Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX is just Photo Negative Mickey with those deal with it shades.

Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX would say these quotes when the player dies and gets a game over based off Impure Mickey:

"Get rekt skrub"

"LOL fucking rage quit"

"Kill yourself faggot"

"I hope you die"

And if he appears he is gonna say these quotes:

"LOL prepare to get rekt"

"Feed me Doritos"



  • Not much to say about him he was created on May 13th, 2015.
  • He is from a game called "Five Nights At Pleasure Island"
  • He appeared in a Five Nights At Treasure Island badge called "The Collector"
  • He also appeared in one of NowDoYourHomieShake's posts
  • He was one of the characters elected for character of the week

The Collector badge from Five Nights At Treasure Island RP (Do you see Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX?) (Not my badge)

Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX from NowDoYourHomieShake's post talking about him as the character of the week. (He isn't anymore just to let you know) (Credit to the Jimmy dude)