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Yandere Mickey has the head of Photo-Negative Mickey, with anime eyes and mouth, on an anime babe. Recent events have bonded her with happy mouse, calming her short temper and giving her more relaxation time. Until photo negative mickey tried to clone himself, the result was disastrous. And really annoying.


Yandere Mickey is a fan-made antagonist and Easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Yandere Mickey starts on the anime night, which can be accessed by beating the entire game, then typing "anime is real" on the menu screen. She replaces PN Mickey on this night. When moving she will say:

  • "Stay away from my senpai!"
  • "Silence!"
  • "I kill you!"

In a stereo typical yandere voice.


  • If the player stays next to Senpai Ortensia too long, Yandere Mickey will kill them.
  • This page was made out of boredom, so it isn't meant to be taken seriously.
    • Unless Fate makes it serious, that would make my day.
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