Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

!23432 is a fan-made suit. He is a heavily corrupted character who only appears if the player goes for the True Ending.



!23432 is a glitched suit. Anytime he is in a room on the cameras, the camera starts spazzing out, making him almost unrecognizable. However, if the suit gets into the office, the player can see that !23432 is a variant of the Face covered in different textures.


!23432 acts similar to Corruptus as he teleports into different rooms at random. However, !23432 will only go to The Roof, The restroom and the Meat Freezer, unlike Corruptus who teleports everywhere. To avoid getting jumpscared by him, the player needs to pull up the camera when !23432 comes into the office, or else he will attack the player.