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<tabber>Information= Yellow Mouse's Unfinished Counterparts : The Inkblot , Myster Mouse , Rodent , Micker , Unfinished Mouse , Golden Photo-Negative Mickey , White Noise , Photo-Negative Willy , Decimated Mickey , Unreal Mickey , Ancient Mickey , Minnie Mouse and Sinister Mouse.


Yellow Mouse is an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is the enemy that appears in the Office at random intervals anytime the monitor's pulled down many times.


Yellow Mouse's appearance is based and resembles on Photo-Negative Mickey's appearance , except that he's all golden and he is eyeless. As the name implies , His face and his gloves are shiny navy. His nose and his fur and his tongue is crimson , And he appears to have red mixed up with terracotta shoes , and his shorts are colored dark peach. His legs and his nose and his tongue and his body torso is crimson , as his name implies , he is an attractive and a cool cartoon in the 'Mickey Mouse' cartoons as a trophy.


Yellow Mouse activates on Night 8, he starts in Character Prep 1, along with Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied, but remains Off-Camera, which when he comes out, he is seen at the left side of the camera, but us facing the doorway, and not facing the camera. He then takes a straight pattern in The Office. He randomly appears in the Office when the player puts down the monitor a few times. When the player sees him, he can't put up the monitor. He must hide under the desk in 3 seconds to make him go away , or else Yellow Mouse will jump-scare the player and crashes the player's game.


He only appears in the Office at random intervals if the monitor's pulled down a few times. But starts in CAM 3.


  • He is also known as "The Golden One".
  • His pose is similar to Golden Freddy.
    • His Jumpscare is also similar to Golden Freddy/
    • He Behaves Very Similar to Golden Freddy.
    • His 2nd name is Golden PN Mickey.





"<u>Its Me"</u>

"<u>Come Here And Forgive Us</u><u>"</u>

"<u>There Is Nowhere To Hide </u><u>"</u>

The Sound That Emits When Yellow Mouse Laughs

Demonic Breathing

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